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Training & Development Services

Overview of Some Training & Development Products & Services

The following are just a snap shot of some of the hundreds, if not thousands, of training, development and education programmes, courses and services that are offered and provided by consultants on a regular basis, including, but not limited to:

Over 100 short programs and 10 recognised management qualifications. Programs provide immediate learning solutions and are offered in a number of flexible formats to cater for the diverse needs of organisations and individuals. Individuals participating in open programs benefit from working with a cross section of peers from difference industries. This helps to widen their terms of reference and broaden their networking associations.

A range of post-graduate and competency-based management qualifications from levels three (3) to nine (9) within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) are available at AIM Both vocational and post-graduate level qualifications provide flexible development and recognition pathways for individuals at various stages of their careers, from the new supervisor to the experienced business unit manager.

Registered training providers, whose courseware is accredited through the Vocational Education Training and Accreditation Board (VETAB) and recognised nationally.

Training Instruments include books, assessments, games and training resources and are sourced from the world’s leading publishers of high quality, easy-to-use tools that help individuals understand themselves and others, in order to improve personal performance and organisational cohesiveness.

Business Mentoring is a proprietary model based on global best-in-class practices and provides unlimited, one-to-one ‘business mentoring’ to help top executives reach a higher level of leadership by creating a safe space for progressing confidential business, developmental and personal issues. Achieving new clarity; see issues in a different way, making time for reflection and feedback. Taking leadership to the next level.

A thoughtfully matched Mentor and the Client spend intensive days together. The retreat objective will optimise the business and personal successes derived from the Mentoring relationship. Key components of a retreat are:
• Building a bond of trust between Mentor and Client
• Highlighting the critical issues to achieving success
• Creating a safe environment for the exploration of new concepts and directions.
• Developing action plans and timetables that achieve results
• Increasing client self-awareness.

Continues mentoring for 12 – 18 months at a frequency and pace that suits the individual participant, renewable on a quarterly basis for as long as both Client and Mentor believe that value is being created.

Expertly facilitated peer mentoring events provide a small group of top business leaders, from non-competing businesses, a highly confidential and dynamic interchange focused on their critical business issues.

The Business Leaders Forum (BLF) combines top speakers, leading-edge thinking, like minded peers facing similar issues, time to reflect and a unique learning and networking experience for Business Leaders to explore the future of their organizations and gain valuable insights into common challenges from expert speakers.

Provides an opportunity to network closely with other Business Leaders, the small group provides an excellent setting to explore unique and challenging business and life issues with a select group of peers from different industries in a confidential and positive environment.

Offers managers a range of structured development opportunities and formal qualifications designed to improve performance at every stage of a manager’s career. Every program is designed to give our Members and participants from the wider business community practical, relevant and educationally sound knowledge and know-how that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

This includes competency analysis, design and piloting of performance measurement instruments, design of support materials e.g. self development guides’, expert facilitation and coaching, facilitator training and project evaluation.

Analysing individual employees for competencies including the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to effectively perform the position. From this base, behaviourally orientated skills and competency surveys can then be developed to rate the use of specific behaviours and skills on the job.

What is the current mood of your organisation? What issues need addressing? How aligned are your company’s management practices to the company vision/goals? How committed are people to your current plans? These are just some of the questions that can be answered with well structured climate and attitude surveys. You name the issues or concerns you want to address and the consultant will customise a survey for your organisation – with full support and follow-up services.

Are you getting value from your training dollar? A good Training Needs Analysis (TNA) ensures your training expenditure addresses the current and future needs of your staff. A good TNA also provides a link between the skill set of your staff and the future strategies of the organisation.

A good product can mean little without the supporting marketing strategy that differentiates your product from others in the marketplace. Skilled consultants who understand the business environment in your industry can make a huge contribution to the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

Coaching is now recognised as a critical tool in enhancing performance, learning or facilitating any change initiative. This skill is now seen by successful organisations as a necessary skill for managers to be truly effective. There is a network of experienced coaches who can either train managers as a group to be coaches or conduct one-on-one coaching for individual managers. The business benefits of a “coaching culture” include attraction and retention of talent, reduction of performance-potential gap, and the encouragement of employees to think and work better together.

Customised Training Division was established for this very purpose to help your people and your systems adapt to change. To help you enhance and maintain your competitive position. Customised Training can guide and help you create effective yet affordable solutions to help you achieve your goals by:
• Developing a national training or management development program
• Providing opportunities for your managers to proceed through articulated educational pathways
• Designing a tailored on-site course
• Breaking through the barriers that prevent communication, collaboration and co-operation
• Finding that performance consultant who can fine-tune your business processes

Complement your career and succession planning through our frontline management initiatives. We can deliver on site:
• VETAB accredited Certificate III, IV, & Diploma
• Certificate programs for Business Management, Marketing and Workplace Assessor
• Graduate Certificate in Business (Professional Management); International MBA and a range of other graduate programs

Add value to your next meeting or conference through our extensive team of:
• Conference speakers
• Meeting facilitators
• Conference facilitators
• Strategic business planning
• Skilled negotiators
• Specialists in one-to-one coaching and mentoring

We offer valuable assistance that includes Learning Products, Professional Development Programs, Consulting and Facilitation Services. What’s more, because our emphasis is on developing a long-term partnership, we go that extra distance to make sure we understand your business. A dedicated Client Relationship Team will work closely with you to ensure your objectives are met. They will:
• Provide expert advice in the context of your business needs
• Recommend, design and implement management solutions
• Offer innovative and flexible training solutions

One-on-one coaching stimulates the way you think about your career progression and what you need to do in order to plan your future and remain professionally competitive and marketable. Coaching allows you to reflect on your interests and motives, your competencies; personal needs and values, and above all, will assist you in determining what you really want to do. By gaining insight you are better able to manage your career.

Guest speakers present practical perspectives on a range of current management topics at regular events.

Breakfast Briefings offer the broader business community the opportunity to hear leading CEOs, industry experts and leading thinkers present their views on a broad range of topical management subjects.

Lunch briefings are the perfect way to keep up to date. We hold these lunches in the CBD where you can hear leading experts talk on the latest hot issues and trends in business and management. These briefings provide great opportunities to network with like minded people and entertain clients in an informative environment.

The Training Response provides consultation on training requirements with in-house activity or training program to address a problem.

Facilitation is about helping people to communicate more clearly. This can be done within divisions of large organisations, within a small business or within teams in a workplace. The outcomes to be achieved are agreed, and the agenda is developed in consultation with the client, and ideally the staff as well, and then leadership of the meeting is handed over to a neutral outsider. A safe environment is created where people are encouraged to openly have their say. Within the meeting, goals are set, and blockages, which may impact on the achievement of the goals, are identified. Options for measures which will remove the blockages and move the team towards achievement of the goals are identified and selected and action plans are developed and documented.

Recognised training within Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training is conducted in partnership with Competency Based Trainers.

To enables the consultant to get to know the participants and to learn about their background. It is also an opportunity to get to know about the work that they do, so that the program can be tailored to meet their workplace, the requirements of their job and their own individual requirements. The training manual is as far as possible customised to meet organisational and individual needs.

Delivery is highly participative, it is not a lecture. Participants are expected to work, so that they start to develop (or polish) the skills required.

Over 100 short programs and 10 recognised management qualifications. Programs provide immediate learning solutions and are offered in a number of flexible formats to cater for the diverse needs of organisations and individuals. Individuals participating in open programs benefit from working with a cross section of peers from difference industries. This helps to widen their terms of reference and broaden their networking associations.