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Fidelity Bonds

In Western Australia and the Northern Territory the licensing authorities require debt collectors to hold a Fidelity Bond in the prescribed format as detail in their respective State Legislation. Without a valid Fidelity Bond, you cannot trade.

With effect from 18 July 2016 White Group (VIC) Pty Ltd has been granted approval by the Minister for Commerce to issue Fidelity Bonds in the prescribed format for debt collector licences issued to agents operating in Western Australia.

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Making Claims Easy

It is important that you report any claim or circumstance that may lead to a claim, as soon as you become aware of it. Failure to report a claim within the required time frame could prejudice your rights to indemnity.

To report a claim all you have to do is click on the “Report Claim” button and then fill in the on-line claim form. You can upload any documents with the form. Once completed click the “Submit Button” and the claim will be reported to us. We will do the rest.

If you have any questions or simply wish to discuss the matter please contact us.

Report Claim or Phone: 03 8790 5701

Customer Feedback

He is the most amazing insurance person I have ever had dealings with.  You have no idea how good Richard and his staff are until you have some terrible times in your life and they help you through them.  He and his staff have been absolutely extraordinary – no other broker would have done or been able to achieve what they have for me in what has just been a truly awful, awful year in my life. Every person I have recommended them to would not now use anyone else, in either business or their home.  All are very impressed.  And he and Elen are lovely people as well.

L Williams