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The Services That We Offer You

As an insurance broker we act for and on behalf of you in providing sound advice based upon your needs. We offer a range of services to assist you with your risk management process by sourcing and arranging suitable insurance contracts to protect your assets. We can advise you and arrange general insurance retail products as listed above as well as with business, commercial and corporate insurance tailored to your needs. We can assist you with:

  • Reviewing and advising on your insurance needs.
  • Arranging and renewing your insurance coverage.
  • Arranging premium funding if required.
  • Assisting with insurance claims.

To enable us to provide advice which is appropriate to your circumstances, we will need you to provide us with complete information about the risk(s) to be insured, your situation and your needs and objectives. You should also tell us about any relevant changes as they occur.

Who are Retail and Wholesale

A person will be considered a retail client if any of the following situations apply to them:

  • The client is an individual or has purchased the insurance product for use in connection with a small business.
  • A small business is a business which employs less than 20 people (other than businesses that manufacture goods, where the limit is 100 people).
  • The client has purchased a general insurance contract which has been designated as a retail product. The following contracts have been designated as retail:
  • Motor vehicle;
  • Home building;
  • Home contents;
  • Sickness and accident;
  • Consumer credit;
  • Travel;
  • Personal and domestic property;
  • Medical indemnity;
  • and any other kind of insurance prescribed in the regulations

Personal Property includes

  • Movables;
  • Valuables;
  • Caravan or mobile home (including an onsite mobile home);
  • Trailer;
  • Marine pleasure craft (excluding insurance where the Marine Insurance Act 1909 applies)
  • Horse;
  • Domestic pet; and
  • Mobile phones.

All other clients are wholesale (including workers compensation, CTP, marine insurance (other than pleasure craft) and statutory insurance relating to residential construction work).

The following pages provide an overview of these and other documents.