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How we look after you

You can provide us with instructions by telephone, facsimile, e-mail, and letter or in person (if an appointment has been arranged).

New Business

Contact us as soon as possible if you need cover for a risk or property that is not insured. If you need immediate cover, we can usually obtain an interim contract of insurance (which is generally valid for a month or less). To arrange this, we will need details of the property or risk and all other information which you need to disclose to the insurer. We will then send you a proposal for completion. You will need to fully complete, sign and return it to us as soon as possible and before the interim cover expires. We will send the original insurance contract documents as soon as they are issued correctly by your insurer. As these are legal documents, you should keep them in a safe place.


We will give you at least 14 days notice of expiry of any insurance contract which we arranged or last renewed for you. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will automatically renew your insurance to ensure you continue to be covered. At that time we will send you an offer to renew the insurance contract and invoice you for the cost of renewal.

For commercial insurances we will renew the insurance after we have considered whether it meets your needs. If you wish to change the details of cover or there is a change to your circumstances, please contact us as soon as you receive the renewal invoice. This will allow us to assess the appropriateness of your insurance and whether you require further advice from us. In some circumstances we may be able to arrange for the insurer to cover you temporarily before payment is received, but we cannot guarantee this.

We will also advise you at least 14 days in advance of expiry of any insurance contract should an insurer not wish to offer renewal. If you arranged or renewed insurance directly with an insurer or through another broker, we will not be responsible for notifying you of expiry or arranging renewal.


You should carefully monitor and review that your insurance contract adequately meets your requirements to cover your assets and/or business activities. If you wish to vary any cover, e.g. by increasing the sum insured or adding other property, please provide us with details of the changes you require and any other information you need to disclose to the insurer. We will provide written confirmation when the insurer has accepted the variation to cover. Any adjustments to premium will be advised to you in the form of an invoice.


We will receive your claims notifications, assist and advise you regarding the scope of cover and pass the information to the insurer. If a loss adjustor is appointed we shall, with your permission, pass on your contact details and co-ordinate meetings. In the case of a major loss, we can attend the initial meeting with the loss adjustor if you wish us to. We will promptly forward to you all claims documentation, insurance company settlement cheques and other information. If you have a large deductible or wish to claim directly from a third party, we can assist by providing you with our claims management service.