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General Property Insurance

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General Property covers items such as:

• Tools of trade used at client sites;
• Photographic equipment
• Survey equipment;
• Portable computers; and
• Sports equipment
• Musical instruments
• Mobile medical equipment
• Diagnostic and Measuring
• Property which is moved between multiple business premises.

Cover applies whether at the premises as well as away from the premises, including when taken home by employees. For tradesmen tools of trade you do not need to specify every tool, only those that have a replacement value of greater than $2000.

Covers available include Accidental Damage or Loss, Theft and Fire. Cover can be restricted to just stolen from a locked vehicle or premises or damaged whilst in transit. You can opt for just Australia wide cover or include overseas travel cover.

Generally items will be replaced with an identical new item, so it is important that when assessing the value of your items that you insure them for their new replacement value and not for what you paid for them or what you think they are currently worth.

Items of a unique or rare value may require a recent valuation certificate in order for insurers to consider cover. They may also request additional security or place restrictions on use.

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