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Insurance Brochure

Click on the button to view or download the Australian Investigators & Commercial Agents Scheme Insurance brochure, which provides an overview of the scheme covers, limits and benefits.
Underwritten 100% by an APRA Authorised Insurer

Proposal Form

The quickest way to apply for a quote is to click on the orange “Quote Request” button at the top of the page and follow the prompts. Alternatively, if you are seeking a quote or cover, please click on the button to download, print and then complete the proposal form. Please fully complete all sections and return by email, fax or mail. Cover will be placed within 24 hours of receipt of the completed proposal form and your acceptance of the quote.

Your turnover is your total gross sales / invoices generated by the business, less the GST, but including all payments made to sub-contractors. Turnover is not the actual or estimated profit or pretax profit of the business.