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Training Programme List

Obviously we cannot name all training programmes that are available, but the list below provides an indication of the diversity of the types of training, development and education courses, programmes and services offered by consultants that the scheme covers.

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z.


Accounting Comes Alive,
Accounting for Non-Accountants,
Advanced Diploma of Project Management,
Advanced Facilitation Skills,
Applied Project Management,
Appraising & Managing Performance,
Assertion Skills,
Assessing Training,
Australian Apprenticeships Access Programme


Budget & Financial,
Building Client Relationships,
Business Acumen,
Business & Marketing Advisers, Consultants & Mentors,
Business Networking, Sharing Professional Knowledge,
Business Writing Skills


Certified Business Innovator,
Change Control,
Coaching & Mentoring,
Coaching in the Workplace,
Conducting a Market Audit,
Conflict Resolution,
Contemporary Leadership,
Continuous Improvement Management,
Contributing to Organisational Development,
Corporate Sustainability,
Create Strategic Human Resource Plans,
Creating a Safe Workplace,
Creating Budgets,
Creative Thinking,
Cross Cultural Awareness


Dealing with Difficult People & Situations,
Design Learning Programs,
Design Policies & Procedures for Training,
Developing & Implementing Diversity Policy,
Developing High Performance Teams,
Dynamic Web Training


Effective Communication,
Effective Meetings,
Effective People Management,
Effective People Skills,
Employee Relations Managing Industrial Relations,
Energise Your Facilitation Skills,
Enterprise Owners, Occupiers, Managers & Joint Ventures,
Essential Selling Skills,
Evaluating Marketing Performance,
Exceptional Customer Service


Facilitate Group Processes,
Financial Services Institute of Australia,
Finance for Non-Finance Managers,
First Impressions Count,
Front line Leadership,
Fundamentals of Marketing


Giving Feedback for Experienced Managers,
Giving Feedback for Supervisors,
Grammar Extension


Human Resources Introduction


Implementing Operational Plans,
Implementing Work/Life Balance Strategies,
Individually Tailored Services,
Indigenous Youth Employment Consultants Programme,
Innovation in the Workplace,
Intensive Certificate IV in Front line Management,
Intensive Assistance,
Intensive Diploma of Management, Leadership in Today’s Environment



Learning Strategy & Resource Development,
Local Community Partnerships,
Local Learning & Employment Network


Manage & Implement Change,
Manage Customer Service,
Manage Knowledge & Information,
Manage Remuneration & Employee Benefits,
Manage Work Priorities,
Manage Workplace Projects,
Managing Assessment & Evaluation,
Managing Finance,
Managing Generational Difference,
Managing Human Resource Service Delivery,
Managing Information,
Managing Innovation,
Managing Marketing,
Managing Operations,
Managing People,
Managing Personal Sales Performance,
Managing Strategy,
Managing Succession The Outgoing Employee,
Managing Your Sales Team,
Marketing Your Products & Services,
Mental Fitness for Managers,
Mergers & Acquisitions


Negotiation Skills,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Open Universities Australia,
Open Training & Education Network


Passport to Employment,
People & Performance,
Personal Support Programme,
Positivity & Meaning at Work,
Problem Solving & Decision Making,
Professional Practice in Training,
Professional Presentations,
Profit from Experience Program,
Project Management Human Resources & Communication Management,
Project Management Procurement Management,
Project Management Risk Management,
Project Management Scope, Time, Quality & Cost,
Project Management Fundamentals,
Project Management Integration,
Project Management Refresher


Quality & Continuous Improvement,
Quality Management & Process Improvement


Recruiting & Selecting People,
Resilience in the Workplace,
Retention Strategies The Talent War,
Risk Management,
Risk Analysis,


Skills for the Office Professional,
Skill Soft,
Strategic Business Planning,
Strategic Marketing,
Strategic Operations Reviews,
Stress Management Staying on Top of Stress,
Supply Chain Management,
System Evaluation,
Selection & Contact Negotiation


TAA Intensive Intake One,
TAA Intensive Intake Two,
TAA Upgrade,
The Australian Training Environment,
The Experience Manager,
The Experienced Negotiator,
The High Performance Leader,
The New Supervisor,
The Power of Voice,
The Workplace Learning Environment,
Think on Your Feet,
Time Management,
Training Enterprises,
Train the Trainer,
Training Delivery Skills,
Training Needs Analysis,
Transition to Work,



Viral Marketing for SME’s


Why Your Service,
Working in Teams,
Workplace Knowledge & Information,
Workshop for Diploma of Project Management,
Writing Effective Reports & Documentation



Young Manager Program,
Young Women in Leadership,
Youth Commitment.