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Motor Insurance

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There are four types of motor vehicle insurance policies available in Australia. These are:

  1. Comprehensive
  1. Third-party property damage including fire and theft
  1. Third-party property damage only
  1. Compulsory third party (CTP).

A more detailed description of each of these policies follows.


The term comprehensive” is used to identify the widest motor vehicle policy cover. Some of the other terms used are “composite”, “motor policy” or “car policy” in the title of the contract. It is a matter of the individual insurer’s choice of words. “Comprehensive” means “including much”. It does not mean that an insurer is including all contingencies.

Comprehensive cover offers the greatest protection against financial loss, because it covers fire, theft and accidental damage to the policy holder’s own vehicle, as well as providing third party property damage cover.

The premiums for comprehensive insurance are higher than the other types of motor vehicle insurance available because of the wider cover provided.

Third Party Property Damage

Third party property damage insurance is optional cover, which the motorist may take out with an insurer as a protection from financial loss as a result of any damage the motorist may cause to the property of another. It is not unusual for insurers to provide a measure of cover for the insured’s vehicle. Cover is provided for up to $3,000 where damage arises from a collision, the driver of the other vehicle is not insured and the driver of the insured vehicle is not at fault in the accident.

Third party property damage is the most inexpensive form of voluntary insurance and is generally chosen by those who consider that their cars are too old to warrant the expense of full comprehensive cover or by those who are financially able to bear the cost of any damage to their own vehicle and only seek cover for the unknown costs related to the damage of other people’s property.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

Third-party property damage, fire and theft, protect the policyholder against loss or damage that may be caused to another person’s property (as described in the above paragraph). In addition, it covers the policy holder’s own vehicle for damage that may result from partial or total loss by fire or theft, as well as the limited collision cover described in the above paragraph. Another accidental damage caused to the policy holder’s own vehicle is not covered unless it arises as a direct result of fire or theft.

Compulsory Third Party

Compulsory third party insurance is often abbreviated to CTP. As the name implies, this type of cover is “compulsory at law” for any registered motor vehicle. Driving a motor vehicle without compulsory third party insurance can be an offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment. Compulsory third party insurance protects the driver of a vehicle against any claims for death or injury to persons through the negligence of the driver during the use of their motor vehicle.

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