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PSIS – Activities

Paranormal and supernatural investigators are involved in what is commonly known as pseudoscience which is the research and investigation of unexplained phenomenon that the existence of which has not been officially proven. These include investigating ghosts, UFOs, crop circles, parapsychology or urban myths, such as min-min lights, Penrith Panther, Magnetic Mountain. In the past these pseudoscientists have been ridiculed, but with the advent of more sophisticated detection equipment and the discovery of more images, recordings and ancient artefacts they are helping to rewrite our understanding of all things unexplained.

Investigators (Individual or in a team)

  • Using hand held equipment (includes and not limited to):
  • Detecting EMF (electromagnetic field)
  • Video cameras using infra-red, UV and full spectrum lights (night vision)
  • REM pods (radiating electromagnetic field)
  • EM Pumps (to emit electromagnetic fields)
  • Static detectors
  • Vibration detectors (used to signal for slight vibrations in the floor)
  • Digital voice recorder (DVR)
  • Still camera (night shot photos in infra-red, UV and full spectrum)
  • Monitoring through video surveillance (stationary cameras in night mode viewed through a monitor)
  • Conducting “table tipping” sessions
  • Researching (through state records, internet etc.)
  • Possible use of a Ouija board
  • Using pendulums to “communicate”
  • Dowsing rods to “communicate”
  • Trigger objects (objects that the people in the location would have used or felt a possible emotional connection too – this can include using people).
  • “Debunk” phenomena (actively look for normal environmental causes)
  • Interviewing residents of a house or place of work
  • Offering possible advice/solutions to the residents of a house or place of work
  • Being “on call” for questions/advice to the residents of a house or place of work
  • Paranormal experiments (anything from testing if music can entice a reaction to different foods people eat affecting their investigation experience. Very varied and unpredictable to determine).

UFO Investigating

  • “Night watches” in public or private locations areas consisting of sitting in the dark and looking towards the horizon for light abnormalities
  • Camping (if it’s an overnight expedition)
  • Using night vision cameras
  • Researching (through state records, internet etc.)

Tours and Investigation Events

  • Including other groups and members of the public
  • Public speaking
  • Event co-ordination
  • Guided tours


  • Camping
  • Using DVR’s
  • Using Video cameras
  • Attempting communication by using trigger objects like stick clapping and food (bacon in particular)
  • Researching (through state records, internet etc.)

Workshops, Lectures & Courses

  • Within a place of business or residential home
  • Public speaking
  • Event co-ordination
  • Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Training and Development

Medium & Psychic

  • Psychic space clearing (making an area clear of “bad vibes”)
  • Providing information by way of communicating with the souls of the people who have passed (in a paranormal group it would be details to verify who has passed in a location)
  • Readings (a medium/psychic making contact with a “loved one” for a person)
  • Spiritual counselling (consulting with “spirit”)
  • Psychic profiling (picking up on the attributes of a person who has passed)
  • Paranormal Investigating
  • spiritual healing (via Reiki, Theta Healing, Angel healing etc)
  • Public speaking
  • Teaching psychic development