Prices Start from $277

$1 million Professional Indemnity - 18 months cover - (Price applies to businesses with turnovers up to $300,000)
With this low premium and long cover period you can enjoy complete peace of mind when placing your insurance through our facility. We offer a very comprehensive cover with coverage for a number of business occupations and activities.

$1 million Professional Indemnity insurance premiums start from just $277 and for this price you will get eighteen (18) months policy cover as standard. This equates to just $15.39 a month and for just another $150 you can get fully protected by taking our $10 million Public & Products & Advertising Injury Liability policy.

For Just Another $150

$10 million Public & Products Liability - 18 months cover - (Price applies to businesses with turnovers up to $300,000)
For just another $150 you can fully protected you and your business by including $10 million Public & Products & Advertising Injury Liability in your package. Why run the risk of losing everything if some one makes a claim agaisnt you for injuring them or damaging their property. Contrary to popular opinion, that accidents never happen to me, accidents do happen and on a frequent basis. It is very easy to knock someone over or accidentally break someone's property and if you do then you will be expected to pay for it.

We Cover More

Fines, Penalties, Tax Schemes, Payroll, Limited AFSL, SMSF Auditing and Fidelity
Our facility automatically provides cover for these and much more. Not all policies are the same, many on the market have strict exclusions, which can leave you exposed to fines, damages and compensation claims. With our policy you can conduct your business with the security of being correctly insured.

Maximising Your Protection

Multiple occupations, business services and activities automatically covered
In today's world of multi tasking it is not uncommon for businessess to offer more than just accounting and bookkeeping. We cover multiple occupations, business activities and services automatically under your policy, whether you undertake them or not. Unlike many policies on the market that restrict cover to just a single occupation or activity, our market leading broad cover of multiple occupations means that you can proceed with your work safe in the knowledge that you will be covered.

Eighteen (18) Months Cover

Standard on all policies saving you time and money
Tied of renewing your policy every year?, ever missed your renewal?, well now with our eighteen months cover period you can insure and then get on with what you are best doing. This eighteen month cover period has many benefits; it saves you time and money, it helps you meet.

Claims Made or Defended

No Excess Payable on any Claims
With our Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability policies there is no Claim Excess applicable, this means that if you make a Professional Indemnity or Liability claim you do not pay an excess, regardless as to whether you are at fault or not.

Fully TASA Compliant Insurance

All insurance is fully compliant with the TASA Act. Prices are inclusive of all broker and insurer fees and charges. If you buy on-line then credit card fees will apply or if you opt to pay by the month using the premium funding installment option then funder fees and charges will apply. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

  TASA Requirements Our Insurance Our Cover
Adequacy of cover Cover for BAS and Tax Agents Yes BAS & Tax Agents covered
Amount of cover $250,000, $500,000 or $1 million $1 million Irrespective of turnover
Scope of cover Civil Liability Yes Full Civil Liability cover
Persons covered Directors, Partners & Employees Yes All persons in the business
Exclusions Sub-contractors vicarious liability Yes No exclusion
Excess/Deductibles Maximum $1000 or 4% Nil No excess
Insurance Provider APRA Approved Insurer Yes Lloyd’s of London
Fraud/Dishonesty Cover required Yes Up to full policy limit
Fidelity Cover required Yes $250,000 – sub-limit
Legal/Defence costs Inclusive or Exclusive cover Yes Covered on top of Sum Insured
Automatic reinstatement One Auto-reinstatement Yes Unlimited Auto-reinstatements
Run-off cover During period of cover Yes 12 months up to 84 months*
Loss of Documents N/A Yes Up to full policy limit
Cover for Sub-contractors N/A Yes Can be covered at no extra cost
Unlimited Retro-active cover N/A Yes Unlimited
Fines & Penalties cover N/A Yes $250,000 – sub-limit
Tax Schemes Part IV N/A Yes Covered*
Limited AFSL cover N/A Yes Covered
SMSF Auditing N/A Yes Covered
ASIC External Disputes Resolution N/A Yes $309,000 – sub-limit

*Terms & Conditions Apply