Australian Investigators & Commercial Agents

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Private Investigation and Debt Collection industries has enabled us to provide quality insurance cover with broad policy terms and conditions at very competitive premiums. The AICA Scheme has been in existence for since 2005 and is the insurance scheme of choice for many including leading Investigation and Debt Collection firms in the industry. One of the many strengths of the AICA scheme has been its ability to adapted and evolve to the ever changing needs of the members.

Get a Competitive Edge

The Scheme which was designed in consultation with members of the industry provides a package of insurance covers that not only give members peace of mind, but also enables members to meet the requirements of the ever growing pressures of compliance. The scheme also helps members to gain a competitive edge over the competition when tendering for contracts as many tender documents now have stringent insurance requirements that need to be met before any offer of work is contracted.

Whether you are a sole trader of a multi national operator this scheme caters for all and with our streamlined processing, you can be placed on cover and receive all your documents within 24 hours.

When joining our scheme you can have the confidence in knowing that you are dealing with a Broker that has an in depth understanding of your industry and will work with you to achieve your desired result.

There are three levels to the scheme, each designed to meet a specific need.

Standard Scheme

The the main or Standard Scheme provides the top end cover designed for all companies and sole-traders that deal with Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Legal Practices, Government Departments both at State and Federal Level and any other business or industry that demands high minimum levels of insurance cover.

We offer through this scheme a discount rate to small or start up agents that enables you to hold the appropriate high levels of insurance at a very competitive premium starting at just $999. Learn more.

Small Business Rate Scheme

The Small Business Rate Scheme was developed primarily to cater for the those uninsured sub-contracting sole-traders that predominantly only do sub-contracting work or only seek to have their own small to medium independent clients. Being uninsured is fraught with danger and for those that choose to pay a levy to be insured under another contractors policy may not be adequately insured, if at all.

The Small Business Rate policy covers are lower than the standard scheme covers and as such may not satisfy the top end of town clients, but will provide members with a level of cover to protect them in case the worst happens. At just $599, why wouldn’t you take out insurance

Fidelity Bond

The third scheme is our Fidelity Bond cover for Western Australian Agents who need to apply for and maintain a full commercial agents licence. The rates are very competitive, but more importantly there is no counter indemnity required, meaning that if a claim is made you are not required to repay the insurer the amount that has been claimed. We would recommend that all agents that currently purchase their Fidelity cover elsewhere should carefully check the small print about, counter indemnity and your obligations in the event of a claim